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Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard
Cat. No. 9iD50800
Weight 2 lbs

The Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard is a commercial-grade, high-performance bollard that uses our Bi-Facial Solar Panel Technology for maximum charging potential. It is perfect for commercial and residential areas with high levels of foot traffic such as pedestrian walkways, parking lots, hospitality areas, and community parks.

Add definition and architectural interest to your outdoor space. With its stunning modern styling and cutting-edge Bi-Facial Solar Panel Technology, the Gama Sonic Solar Pillar is the perfect high-performance, double-sided bollard for your home or business. At the flip of a switch, choose from High or Low Settings, Bi-Directional or Mono-Directional Light, and Stair-Stepped, Motion-Sensitive Output. With automatic dusk to dawn operation, its 40 SMD LEDs provide warm-white (3000K) light.
  • More Options Mean More Utility: This light can shine from one or both sides at high or low lumen outputs, giving you incredible control over the lightís function and efficiency
  • Commercial-Grade Construction: This solar lampís corrosion-resistant powder-coated cast-aluminum construction qualifies it for an IP65 weather-resistant rating
  • Sophisticated Design: The Solar Pillar has sleek, minimalist lines that make it perfect for modern and transitional styles of outdoor settings
  • Choose from High or Low Settings: At the flip of a switch, you can choose from high (maximum output), low (economy output), or off settings on your lamp
  • Illuminates with Up to 500 Lumens of Light: When set to high, it shines at 500 lumens from one side or 250 lumens on both sides of the lamp for a total maximum output of 500 lumens for up to 2 nights duration
  • Shines for Up to 4 Days When Fully Charged: When set to low, it shines at 250 lumens from one side or 150 on both sides of the lamp for a total maximum output of 250 lumens for up to 4 days duration
  • Bi-Directional or Mono-Directional Light: You can toggle either side of the Solar Pillar on or off, making it incredibly flexible for your design needs
  • Stair-Stepped, Motion-Sensitive Output: The light will turn on automatically at dusk and shine for 4 hours at its brightest setting. After 4 hours, it will dim to a lower setting. When it detects motion through its PIR sensor, after the first 4 hours it will brighten to the maximum lumen output possible for its settings for 30 seconds

Lumens 500
Light Duration 24 - 48 Hours
Battery Volt 6.4V
Battery Capacity 6Ah
Solar Panel Watts 19.0W
Light Type Integrated LEDs
# of Batteries 1
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Solar Panel Finish Tempered Glass
Features Weather Resistant Bi-Facial Solar Panel Technology Motion Sensor
Style Modern Transitional
Measurements (in inches) 8.75 W x 3.50 D x 31.25 H in

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