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Auto Charge 1200
Cat. No. 091-187-12
Weight 26 lbs

Auto Charge 1200, Model #: 091-187-12

The Auto Charge 1200 is a fully automatic battery charger with a very high output for vehicles with a single battery system. Remote voltage sensing is provided to compensate the charger output for the voltage drop in the charging wires. No sense lead wires are required. It is ruggedly constructed for mounting in the vehicle. May be used for positive and negative ground systems.

This charger has two built-in indicator options. Option 1, as shown, is the standard, 10 Element, Single Bar Graph Display. Option 2, is a new Auto Charge Deluxe Status Indicator. This indicator has digital voltage and ampere display, a 5 segment bar graph display to indicate the output current, and 4 LED's to show the condition of the batteries. Order 091-187-12-194 for this option.

There is also an output to add the 091-199-001, Single Bar Graph Display.

  • 40A, 12V charge rating
  • Automatic operation regulates output to a single battery bank
  • Automatically charges and supports parasitic DC loads: data terminals, radios, hand lights, etc. assuring battery is ready for vehicle start
  • A patented built in sense circuit, checks battery voltage 120 times per second, to compensate for voltage drop in charging wires providing quick recharge, with no overcharge
  • Designed for rigors of emergency vehicle use; heavy duty aluminum case
  • 3 year warranty
Input: 120 Vac, 60 Hz., 10 Amps Max
Input Fuse: 15 Amps, Fast Acting
Output: 12 Vdc, 40 Amps
Output Fuse (Recommended): 80 Amps (Part Number: 090-0080-0)
Voltage Sense: Remote, Electronic, No Sense Lines Required
Power Indicator: Indicates Input Power Applied
Charge Output Indicator: Built-In, Bar Graph Display, Indicates Battery Charge Level
Weight: 26 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

Datasheet.pdf (703 Kb) 
Instruction Manual.pdf (272 Kb)
Product Specifications.doc (3,223 Kb) - with built-in Bar Graph Display
Product Specifications.doc (1,279 Kb) - with built-in Deluxe Status Center



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