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15A 125V 2P 3W (5-15P) Hospital Grade Clamp-Lock Plug
Cat. No. MP-CL8215T
Weight 0.5 lbs

The Clamp-Lock termination system provides a maintenance-free connection. This revolutionary system actually gets stronger as the cable is pulled, which provides peace of mind knowing this durable trouble-free solution can handle heat, shock and vibration. Most important, Clamp-Lock enables wiring termination up to 50 percent faster than conventional screw termination products resulting in a more cost-effective process. These "green dot" devices have been rigorously tested for grounding reliability, assembly integrity, strength and durability. All devices conform to UL Standards for hospital equipment #498 and #544 and meet or exceed Hospital Grade UL tests.
  • Abrupt plug removal (parallel to wall) test
  • Ground pin retention tests
  • Fault current tests
  • Terminal strength test
  • Face impact test
  • Ground contact temperature test
  • Ground resistance test
  • Assembly security test
  • Mold stress relief test
  • Crush test
  • Cord grip strain relief tests
  • Static cord pull test
  • Rotary cord pull test

Marinco Clamp-Lock Termination System Video


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