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15A 125V 2P 3W (5-15P) Connect Glow Hospital Grade
Cat. No. MP-8215TL
Weight 0.5 lbs

Users of ConnectGlow devices know immediately if a circuit is energized because the neon bulb is energized, rather than having to perform time-consuming circuit testing. You can easily see the circuit status and determine whether there is a problem with the circuit or with the apparatus that is being connected. This is particularly helpful in applications where it is difficult to get to the connection point, such as drop cords or extension cords, or where users might not be proficient in circuit testing. Another function is for monitoring connection status. With ConnectGlow devices, you can visually monitor a connection to assure it is maintained. These "green dot" devices have been rigorously tested for grounding reliability, assembly integrity, strength and durability. All devices conform to UL Standards for hospital equipment #498 and #544 and meet or exceed Hospital Grade UL tests.
  • Bright neon bulb with full 360 deg visibility
  • Mag-Vu window magnifies bulb and terminal for easy inspection
  • 5-year limited warranty

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