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Cat. No. Executive
Weight 4 lbs

Executive is Maximum's NEW, ready-to-use home weather station that is quick and easy to install.  Since external sensors and cabling are not necessary, all you need is the perfect place to display this beautiful arrangement.  ComfortMinder, Predictor and Meridian on a solid Oak or Mahogany panel.

Looking for a ready-to-use arrangement of Maximum instruments?  Look no further, the Executive requires only a single AA battery (included) to operate.  No external sensors or cables, means all you need is a place to display it and you're all set.  Executive home weather station is an arrangement of Maximum's Predictor, ComfortMinder and Meridian instruments, along with a 3-instrument mounting panel.  Specify altitude if above 2,000.

  • Readings for indoor temperature, barometric pressure, and quartz time clock
  • No wire installation
  • Solid brass cases
  • Mahogany pane

Panel:    11" x 26"
Power:    AA Battery (included) and self-powered

Comfortminder Manual (530.8 KB)
Predictor Manual (149.84 KB)
Meridian Manual (179.15 KB)



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