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Blackwatch - Wireless
Cat. No. BlackwatchW
Weight 4 lbs

The Blackwatch station, where modern technology meets old world charm, is a sophisticated three-instrument digital display home weather station that allows you to track up to  six local weather conditions.  Merlin, Mystic and Rainwatch instruments on a solid Oak or Mahogany panel.

 Modern technology meets old world charm in a wireless 3-instrument, digital display that allows you to track up to six local weather conditions.  Blackwatch wireless weather station is an arrangement of Maximum's Wireless Merlin, Mystic and Rainwatch instruments, along with a Wireless Receiver and a 3-instrument mounting panel. Specify altitude if above 2,000

  • Wireless data transmission for up to 300' from external sensors to instrument
  • Digital readings for wind speed, wind direction, outside temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, and rainfall
  • High Gust, Average Wind, Wind Forecast, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Rate of Change, Low Wind Chill, and two rainfall counters
  • Solid brass cases
  • Oak panel
Frequency:    900 mHz
Panel:    11" x 26"
Power:    Standard AC Adaptor

Wireless Merlin Manual (874.06 KB)
Wireless Mystic Manual (861.45 KB)
Wireless Rainwatch Manual (Inches of Rainfall dial) (780.1 KB)
Wireless Rainwatch Manual (Units of Rainfall dial) (855.54 KB)



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