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Sorcerer - Wireless
Cat. No. SW
Weight 3 lbs

Sorcerer displays a maximum amount of local weather information in a minimum amount of space.  This digital display home weather station lets you monitor wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and barometric pressure with just two instruments.  Merlin and Mystic on a solid Oak or Mahogany panel.

Display the maximum local weather information in a minimum amount of space. This wireless weather station lets you monitor four weather conditions with two instruments. Sorcerer includes Wireless Merlin and  Mystic instruments, along with a Wireless Receiver and a 2-instrument mounting panel. Specify if above 2,000'.
  • Wireless data transmission for up to 300' from external sensors to instrument
  • Digital readings for wind speed, wind direction, outside temperature, Wind Chill, and barometric pressure
  • High Gust, Average Wind, Wind Forecast, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Rate of Change, Low Wind Chill
  • Solid brass cases
  • Solid Oak pane
Frequency:    900 mHz
Panel:    10" x 20"
Power:    Standard AC Adaptor

Wireless Merlin Manual (874.06 KB)
Wireless Mystic Manual (861.45 KB



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