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Electrical Tape 60ft
Cat. No. GTP-607P
Weight 0.5 lbs

Used for general splicing purposes. Can be used as primary insulation for splices up to 600 volts and provides a protective outer jacket for splices at higher voltages. Can be used for wrapping wire harnesses and insulating degaussing coils. Colors can be used for color coding electrical circuits.

A 7 mil (0.18) commercial grade, weather resistant, presure sensitive vinyl tape for all kinds of mechanical and electrical applications. Electrical tape is flame retardant and can be used as primary insulation for splices up to 600 volts. UL 510, CSA 22.2 Lead-free.

Excellent for managing cords for electronics, under hood or trailer wiring
Corrugated for added flexibility.
Split down the center for wire breakout where needed.

  7 mil thickness
  Flame retardant
  Resistant to sun, water,oil,acids, alkalies, corrosive chemicals
Product Approvals
  UL 510
  CSA 22.2

Standard Sizes
3/4 in x 60 ft
19 mm x 18 m
Consult factory for other sizes

GTP-607P Specification Sheet


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