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Centrosolar B-Series
Cat. No. C-B260BB
Weight 43.7 lbs

Quality, Reliability, and Yield - Manufactured in the United States

The Centrosolar B-Series module is powered by some of the highest performing and most reliable silicon cells in the solar industry. The B-Series module is engineered and tested to the highest possible standards and is recognized throughout the world for its ability to deliver lifetime performance and, most importantly, maximized kWh yield.

The B-Series module is made with high quality materials including 60 high output monocrystalline cells, top branded EVA, chemical resistant and ame retardant back sheet, and high-transparency impact-resistant glass to ensure ecient performance over time. The module meets all industry standards and is engineered to perform in harsh North American climates including ice, hail, snow, high wind, humidity and extreme ambient temperatures.

- 25 year linear power warranty of minimum peak power
- 10 year product workmanship and materials warranty
- Black frame & black backsheet
- 60 black monocrystalline solar cells connected in series
- Designed for 1000V applications
- For commercial and residential applications
- Robust, anodized aluminum frame and tempered glass with anti-reective coating
- Power tolerance -0 to +5W
- Conforms to UL1703, ULC/ORD C1701-01, CE Compliant
- Designed for high snow loads (5400 Pa)
- Salt mist resistant and Ammonia resistance tested


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