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Zamp Solar Kit 160watt Slim Line
Cat. No. NTP-19-8111
Weight 15 lbs

Slim Line solar RV kits were designed to solve an issue for many Airstream Trailers Where to put a solar panel with such narrow spaces and a curved roof?. With the progression of smaller compact RVs with limited spaces and curved roofs our Slim Line Solar RV Kits are useful in ensuring batteries get recharged from daily use and stay topped off. Even some of the smallest RVs and light trailers use batteries to power every day devices. Solar is the easiest and best way to take great care of the battery(s). Our Slim Line 160 Watts 30 Ampere Solar RV Kit can operate small fans, lights and other smaller equipment daily. 160 Watts is great for large single battery systems and smaller dual battery systems where the energy use is light. With the 30 Ampere solar charge controller up to 450 Watts of solar power can be added to this system.

Power Rating: 160 Watts/ 8.9 Ampere
Panel Type: Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Length (IN): 40 Inch
Width (IN): 20 Inch
Panel Mount Type: Bracket Mount
Controller Type: 30 Ampere 5-Stage PWM Digital Deluxe Solar Charge Controller
Inverter Type: No Inverter
With Solar Panel: Yes
With Cables: Yes
With Remote Control: No
With Cable Connectors: Yes
With Mounting Hardware: Yes
With Carry Case: No

  • Designed To Solve An Issue For Many Airstream Trailers
  • Ensures Batteries Get Recharged From Daily Use And Stay Topped Off
  • Can Operate Small Fans, Lights And Other Smaller Equipment Daily
  • Great For Large Single Battery Systems And Smaller Dual Battery Systems Where The Energy Use Is Light
  • Monitor Your System With A Large Digital Display Showing Volts, Ampere And Ampere Over Time
  • LED Indicator Light Show You Operational Status And Battery Condition
  • Features 5 Stages For Optimal Battery Health
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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