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Inteli-Power® 4060 Series AC/DC Distribution Panel
Cat. No. PD4060
Weight 7 lbs

"MightyMini" The Compact All-In-One System... 
AC/DC Distribution Panel and Inteli-Power Converter 
with built-in Charge Wizard®

Industry's smallest all-in-one 45 or 60 Amp 
distribution panel/converter system.

Industry's smallest all-in-one 45 or 60 Amp
distribution panel/converter system.
Available with our exclusive built-in Inteli-Power Converter...
"The most reliable converter in the RV industry."
The converter section is easily accessible from the front.
The AC Distribution Panel is rated for 120 VAC @ 30 Amps
with up to 7 branch circuits.
The DCsection has 12 branch fuse holders, two wired to
accommodate 30 Amp fuses, ten more with a maximum rating
up to 20 Amps each. All wire tail connections.
Exclusive hot buss and DC disconnect tie in.
Reverse battery blown fuse indicator.

Inteli-Power 4000 Mighty Mini models can recharge the battery to 90% in 3-6 hours 
using our patented Charge Wizard technology:

  • BOOST Mode 14.4 Volts - Rapidly brings RV battery up to 90% of full charge.
  • NORMAL Mode 13.6 Volts - Safely completes the charge.
  • STORAGE Mode 13.2 Volts - Maintains charge with minimal gassing or water loss.
  • EQUALIZATION Mode 14.4 Volts - Every 21 hours for a period of 15 minutes prevents battery stratification 
    & sulfation - the leading cause of battery failure.

PD4000 Mighty Mini Inteli-Power Panel Specifications

Maximum DC Output Current45-AMPS60-AMPS
Maximum Continuous Input Power725 WATTS1000 WATTS
No Load DC Output Voltage13.6 VDC13.6 VDC
No Load Voltage Tolerance+/- .3 VDC+/- .3 VDC
Full Load Output Voltage> 12.6 VDC> 12.6 VDC
Ripple and Noise Voltage< 50 MV RMS< 50 MV RMS
Input Voltage Tolerance105 - 130 VAC105 - 130 VAC
Input Voltage Frequency50-60 HZ50-60 HZ
Peak Inrush Current32-AMPS47-AMPS
Input Current at Rated Power˜8.3-AMPS˜11.4-AMPS
Efficiency (Typical)> 80%> 80%
Reverse Battery ProtectionYESYES
Electronic Current LimitingYESYES
Cooling FanAuto-variable speedAuto-variable speed
Back Up Thermal ProtectionYESYES
Charge WizardYESYES
Storage Temperature-20-80C-20-80C
Operating Temperature0-50C0-50C
Hipot Voltage Test<-------- 1240 V @ INPUT TERMINALS -------->
Over Voltage ProtectionYESYES
Under Voltage ProtectionYESYES
Weight5.7 LBS.6.7 LBS.
Cutout Size10.75W x 7.25H10.75W x 7.25H
Dimensions12.28W x 8.875H x 7.25D12.28W x 8.875H x 7.25D
AC Distribution Specs:
Rating120 VAC/30 AMPS120 VAC/30 AMPS
BreakersMax. 30 AMP Main... Up to 7 Branch Circuits
DC Distribution Specs:
DC Fuse Positions2 @ 30 AMP max. each
10 @ 20 AMP max. each
2 @ 30 AMP max. each
10 @ 20 AMP max. each
Reverse Polarity LEDYESYES

* Retail and OEM Part Numbers will be determined by your selected options when you place your order.


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