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Solar Powered Freezer 14 cubic feet
Cat. No. C4P14SCF
Weight 181 lbs

The SunStar DC Freezer Series is specially designed to take advantage of rising solar and alternative energy markets. It is constructed with 4.5 inches of polyurethane insulation, making this one of the best in class with regards to energy consumption. With efficiency in mind, our freezer features a built in automatic 12V/24V current switch, powder coated galvanized steel interior, a double gasket seal, and a 7 temperature dial.


 - Nature of the Product: Off-grid, Home/ Cottage, Backup or Rural Living (RV).
- Adjustable Temperature Control
- 4.5" Layer of Polyurethane Insulation
- Double Gasket
- No Inverters needed for operation.
- Only need a 220W Solar Panel.
- Freeze food under the sun
- Very minimal run time
- Automatic Current Switch

Product Size (14cu.ft)
Power12/24 VDC Automatic Detection
Available Capacity 14 cu.ft.
Working Temperature-15°C to -22°C / 5°F to -7.6°F
Input Power (W) 90-150
Refrigerant R-134a Amount 220g/ 0.49 lbs
Net Weight 82kg 181lbs
Exterior Dimensions135cm x 80cm x 95cm 53.1" x 31.5" x 37.2"
14 Cu.Ft - Energy Consumption Guide (Based on a 24 hour time period)

Room Temp (Below) +32°F(+0°C) +8°F(-13°C) +0°F(-18°C)
70°F (21°C) 306WHR/25.5AH 444WHR/37AH 522WHR/43.5AH
90°F (32°C) 384WHR/32AH 522WHR/43.5AH 708WHR/59AH
*(Tested @ 12VDC) Tested with no door openings

Kit 2-A
1 Solar Appliance SCF (14cu.
2 185watt solar panels
1 30 amp Prostar w/ Meter Charge Controller
4 US Golf Cart 6Volt 232amp/hr Batteries
3 8 in. Battery Cable
1 45ft. 10/2 Jacketed All Weather Wire
1 Small Baby Midnight Breaker Box
3 Dinrail Midnight Breakers
8 L mount for Solar Panels
1 Prewire & Assemble Time
Weight(lbs): 555


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