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UltraFlex 48 V Plug n Play Energy Storage
Cat. No. ecoult
Weight 2625 lbs

UltraFlex 48 V Plug n Play Energy Storage

With the introduction of the UltraFlex 48 V, Ecoult is making its proven UltraBattery® technology available for commercial and residential applications. With 17 kWh of usable storage at 60% range of charge, and 20 kW of peak power, the high-cycling, energy-efficient UltraFlex 48 V is safe and simple to deploy, operate and maintain, making it the plug n play energy storage device of choice for a range of applications and environments, including:
Small and medium commercial
Distributed infrastructure such as mobile telecoms and utilities
Rugged and remote locations.

Integrated Battery Solution The UltraFlex 48 V offers both high power and energy.
Each UltraFlex unit comprises:
16 x UltraBattery 12 V monoblocs with integrated Monitors
System Monitoring and Control
Over-current protection on each string.

Flexible Applications

Renewables Integration
+ Smoothing: Smoothing of renewable energy power sources
+ Feed-in management and ramp-rate control: Distributed  management of renewable energy sources feeding into the electricity grid

Diesel and Off-Grid
+ Hybrid energy systems: Downsizing of diesel/fossil-fuel generators and reduction of generator use, greatly lowering costs and fuel consumption and reducing CO2 and other emissions
+ Remote area power supply: Reliable off-grid renewable power solutions

Energy Shifting/Cost Control
+ Peak lopping/peak demand management: Shifting of energy availability to cover demand peaks
+ Energy arbitrage: Storage of off-peak energy for use during peak charge times

Revenue Generation
+ Frequency regulation: Provision of distributed grid ancillary services or demand response Any other partial-state-of-charge (PSoC) use Where batteries may need to charge and discharge rapidly and frequently.

Power and Energy Data UltraFlex
4 x 48 V
Continuous power
1-hour rate 20.0 kW
Capacity for
regular cycling
10-hour rate 2.8 kW
Nominal capacity (100%) 28.2 kWh
Usable capacity
(60% range of charge)
16.9 kWh
Capacity for emergency
reserve events
Usable capacity
 (90% range of charge
 at 10-hour rate)
25.4 kWh
*Charge rate tapered to a voltage limit at the top of the range of charge.

Cabinet Specifications
Nominal Voltage 48 V
Assembly Weight 1190 kg
Indoor UltraFlex Dimensions (W x D x H) 1 x 0.6 x 2 m
Data subject to change without notice. Based on ambient temperature of 25° C.



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