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Imperial Solar Lantern - 3in Single Fitter
Cat. No. GS-97NF
Weight 4 lbs

Each Imperial II lamp head provides a stunning 300 lumens of bright-white light, making the series ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Solar lamp posts with one, two, or three lamp heads offer full-sized outdoor lighting solutions for home owners and businesses. They can be installed anywhere with no pre-existing hardware or utility service required.

For anyone looking to upgrade an existing lamp post with an energy-saving, money-saving solar lamp head, we offer solar light fixtures with different post-mounting styles. We also have a wide range of wall-mounted solar light fixtures.

All Gama Sonic lamp posts and light fixtures are engineered for dusk-to-dawn performance and include our patented cone-reflector technology to help cast light in all directions.

Full Technical Specs

Model #GS-97NF
LED Color6000K
# of LEDs21
Battery Capacity6000 mAh
Power SourceMono-Crystalline Solar Cell
Light DurationUp to 12 hours
Measurements10.5 x 10.5 x 19 in

  • 21 Super Bright LEDs in each lamp head
  • Bright White Light (6000K) Color Temperature
  • Commercial Grade Construction
  • 8 Watt Heavy Duty, Tempered Glass Solar Panel
  • 2 pack Li-Ion rechargeable batteries of 3,000mAh ea. (Total 6A) Included in each lamp head
  • Each lamp head is 19H X 10.5 W
  • Pole not included in this model


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