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Lan Tracker Wire Tracer
Cat. No. SP-ET64220
Weight 1 lbs

Sperry Instruments ET64220 Lan WireTracker Tone and Probe Wire Tracer, Identifies Coax, CAT 5, Speaker, Phone, any Non-Energized Wire,

This wire-tracer is a must-have tester for audio/video installer and data com technicians. This multi-purpose wire tracer is able to identify a variety of wires including CAT 5, coax, speaker, phone and any non-energized wires.
  • Adaptor plugs include: RJ-45, RJ-11, coax, automotive fuse blade and insulated clamps
  • Audible and visual indication
  • Adjustable sensitivity and positively identifies a single wire when multiple wires are routed in close proximity
  • Operates from (2) AAA batteries (transmitter) and (4) LR44 batteries (receiver)
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries for the transmitter and 4 LR44 batteries for the receiver (included)
  • Features an auto-shutoff after 45 minutes.

Model ET64220 Manual

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