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LED Flashlight Dynamo Hand-Crank Power Weather and AM/ FM Radio
Cat. No. WR182R
Weight 1 lbs

Enjoy your camping trip with peace of mind, this all-in-one flashlight and entertainment package is the perfect partner in the great outdoors. An AM/ FM/ Weather Band radio keeps you informed of the latest NOAA alerts and local AM and FM programs. A dynamo hand crank, cell phone charger, and DC battery power ensure you’re ready for any situation.

Features & Benefits
  • Dynamo Hand-Crank Power
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Built-In AM Antenna
  • DC Battery Power: Built-In Rechargeable NiMH Battery
  • LED Flashlight
  • Built-In Speaker
  • No Supplier Warranty
Smart Technology Compatible: Not Compatible With Smart Technology
Intended Use: Portable
Type: AM/ FM
Display Type: No Display
With Satellite Capability: No
With CD/DVD Compatible: No
With SD/MMC Card Slot: No
With iPod/ MP3 Controls: No
With Built-In GPS: No
With USB Port: Yes
Auxiliary Input: No
With Detachable Face Plate: No
With Remote Control: No

Radio; Portable; AM/FM; Without Bluetooth Functionality; Without CD/ DVD Player; Red; Built-In AM Antenna/ Handle/ LED Flashlight/ Built-In Rechargeable NiMH Battery; All 7 Channels Weather Band; Telescopic FM Antenna; With DC Charging Cable With Connector (Female USB/ Micro-USB/ Mini-USB)

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