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Hitch Alignment & Vehicle Backup Camera
Cat. No. 69-9340
Weight 3 lbs

The Master Lock No. 4843DATSEN features a hitch alignment & vehicle back up camera. Installation is easy. The magnetic base mounts to any metal surface of vehicle,; and camera plugs into existing vehicle tow wiring outlet. No wires to cut or splice.

Product Features
•Easy to install
•Slide into 1-1/4in (32mm) or 2in (51mm) hitch tube for use while not towing
•Magnetic base allows for mounting to any metal surface of vehicle to use while towing or attaching trailer
•No wires to cut or splice - camera plugs into existing vehicle tow wiring outlet
•Trailer wiring
•Plugs into pass thru T-connector on camera plug to allow use while towing
•Monitor plugs into vehicle auxillary Power/Light plug - No batteries to recharge

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