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Portable Scene Light Rechargeable Lantern
Cat. No. 45670SL
Weight 25 lbs

Rapidly deployed and easily stowed, the Portable Scene Light brings 3,600 lumens to your work area. With its narrow footprint and 72 extension pole, this light goes almost anywhere, from wide open places to tight, confined spaces Material/ Lens High-impact thermoplastic housing. Weatherproof construction; O-ring sealed, unbreakable polycarbonate with scratch-resistant coating

LightDims/Weight  Length: 22 in. (55.88 cm) Body Width: 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) Overall Height: 11 in. (27.9 cm) Head Diameter: 6.7 in. (17 cm)
(Retracted      25 lbs (11.3 kg) with batteries Position)

Light Source Six C4® LEDs and wide pattern reflectors produce a uniform flood pattern with two selectable beam widths and three light output intensities:
- High for a super-bright flood beam
- Medium for an intense beam and longer run time
- Low for when a less intense beam is ideal and for longer run times

Switch- Toggle switch allows operation from internal battery or continuous operation from external 12V DC power source

Battery -Zero-maintenance 12V, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid batteries are rechargeable up to 500 times

Charging   Red and green LEDs provide charge status feedback. 10 Hour charge to 90% battery capacity with continuous trickle charge to maximize battery capacity. Batteries will continue to charge while operating directly from an external 12V DC power source when using the remote cord. AC charger also included for continued use

Features       Selectable diffuser settings for two beam widths. Works with all three modes
Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting; 90° swivel to aim the beam where you need it for task lighting
Balanced design and easy setup:
- Less than 30 seconds for full deployment
- Pole extends to 72; cord built into the pole to avoid snags
- Stabilization legs provide balance on uneven surfaces
Packs to a compact size (22; 55.88cm) for easy stowage


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