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Pump Plus 2000
Cat. No. 53-21-1100
Weight 40 lbs

Pump Plus 2000 System

• Integrated Package: Air Compressor, Charger with Battery Saver & Remote Display
• System Components Maintain Air Brake Pressure, Batteries, and Power Auxiliary Loads

. Convenient system approach simplifies installation and wiring integration. Includes: Pump Plus 2000 and Auto Pump 12V
¡ 100 PSI Max, 12V, air compressor gAuto Pumph
¡ Model Pump Plus 2000 charger, 18A, single battery 15A with 3A battery saver
. Automatic operation regulates output to a dual battery bank
. A patented built-in sense circuit checks battery voltage 120 times per second to compensate for voltage drop in charging wires providing quick recharge, with no overcharge
. Separate gBattery Saverh output eliminates drain on vehicle battery when in station:
. Automatically disconnects auxiliary vehicle loads from battery when charger is energized
. Ideal for charging hand lights and portable radios
. 3A output with automatic overload current limit
. Not recommended for powering highly sensitive electronic loads
. Remote Dual Bar Graph Display included
. Air Compressor power mode selector switch
. DC Powered full time from vehicle battery
. AC Powered only when from battery when vehicle plugged into shore power. Automatically shuts off compressor when disconnected fromshore power, taking 12A load off vehicle batteries

Part Number Description
53-21-1100 Pump Plus 2000 System with Bar Graph Display
091-9-2000-Charger Only Pump Plus 2000 Charger Only

Instruction Manual.pdf (275 Kb)
Product Specifications, 120 Vac.doc (17 Kb)


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