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Adventure PowerŪ Portable Power AP1800
Cat. No. AP1800S2
Weight 79 lbs

Portable Power System Features AP1800S

Base unit includes retractable handle and wheels, 1800W continuous power modified sine wave inverter, 4 AC receptacles, 2 USB ports, 5A three stage charger, 60 Ah SLA battery. Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F. Input current 8 ADC maximum. Maximum input voltage 26VDC.
  • 1800 watts of output power
  • Easily installed anywhere
  • No fuel requirements
  • Completely safe for indoor use
  • Add a backup for stand alone systems
  • Simple plug and play system
  • USB port for charging handheld devices
  • AC outlets operate home appliances, power tools, and home electronics
  • Combine all models with solar panels (included with 1800S2 model)
  • Can be recharged from utility power with built-in AC charger
  • Each model contains a built-in battery. The AP1800 contains a 60Ah battery and additional battery boxes can be purchased separately to expand run times

Solar Panel Features option
  • Environmentally friendly photovoltaic technology
  • High wattage polycrystalline panel up to 80 watts
  • Foldable panel with handle make for easy portability
  • Easy to use plug and play connectors
  • Great for use with RVs, boats,backup power and all 12V applications

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