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Bird-X Prowler Owl
Cat. No. DP-IBrx06
Weight 4 lbs

Airfoil Wings move in the breeze. Realistic “hunting” posture scares away pest birds, movement keeps it threatening

Prowler Owl

  Proven Visual Scare
  Saves Money on Cleanup & Repair
  Eliminates Bird & Small Pest Problems
  Money-Back Guarantee

Decades-proven visual deterrent, improved with dynamic realism & movement! Scare away birds & small pests with this predator replica of the most-feared aerial predator, the Great Horned Owl, which catches & eats nearly everything it can catch.
•Lifelike, wind-catching design increases effectiveness
•Accurate plumage & hunting flight pose
•Intimidating, glassy eyes "follow" pests
•Flexible wings move & flap in the wind realistically

Without movement, an owl scare is useless – don't be fooled by imitations that are immobile! Install Prowler Owl decoy in any open outdoor area where pest birds or small critters are a problem.

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