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Beckett Wet Rotor DP Series Pumps
Cat. No. DP250-DP400
Weight 2 lbs

These dual purpose submersible pumps offer superior wet rotor performance for standard and continuous duty operations. Environmentally safe and energy efficient using a non oil-filled epoxy encapsulated motor. Easy-to-adjust flow control.

BecDP140: DP140 Pump
125-gph @ 1; 45-gph @ 3; .22a; 9.0w; max lift 48. Screen inlet; ½ outlet; 15 cord. Measures 2H x 2-3/4W x 3-1/8L.

BecDP250: DP250 Pump
240-gph @ 1; 135-gph @ 3; .26a; 15.0w; max lift 60. Screen inlet; 5/8 outlet; 15 cord. Measures 2-3/4H x 3-1/2W x 3-7/8L.

BecDP400: DP400 Pump
345-gph @ 1; 250-gph @ 3; .60a; 30.0w; max lift 84. Screen inlet; 5/8 outlet; 15 cord. Measures 3H x 3-7/8W x 4-5/8L.


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