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SunWize: PO-1100-24-574-FWX-SHORT
Cat. No. OB_FX1
Weight 109 lbs

Product Overview

SunWize provides industrial customers with reliable and cost effective power solutions. One of the most significant opportunities we see is the need for reliable battery backup systems for hybrid power sources, which can include fuel cells, traditional generators, thermo-electric generators (TEGs), grid power, solar, wind, and other energy input sources! In most cases, more than one power input type is used simultaneously along with a battery backup system.

Key Features & Considerations

Versatile and Robust Enclosure Solutions
  • Available in 260004 UPS Style or traditional top-opening chest style
  • Always NEMA3R rated & white powder coated for rugged outdoor use
  • Expansive input and output distribution block allows fur up to 16 I/O controls
Perfect for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications
Oil & Gas | Automation | SCADA | Construction | Mining | Rail | Pumping | Agriculture
Flexible DC & AC Energy Input Options
Fuel Cells | Generators | Thermo-Electric Generators (TEGs) | Grid | Solar | Wind
Cost Effective Energy Storage Solutions
  • Fits between 574-1,664Ah energy storage capacity at 24VDC plus all controls in a single cabinet
  • Smaller standard storage configuration options available in reduced footprint options
  • Modular design allows multiple cabinets to be connected together

Technical Specifications

Drawing #200070
Product Feature #1Pre-wired, assembled, and factory QC tested for easy installation
Product Feature #2System load verified for voltage tolerances and duty cycle of operation
Product Feature #3Standard product line flexibility allows customization for any geographic location or industrial application
Product Feature #4System design verified for performance criteria, reliability and function. Design maximizes space and minimizes maintenance costs
Product Feature #5Reduces environmental impact
Warranty1 year

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