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GSCR Series Float Battery Chargers 130 and 260 Volt Three-Phase
Weight 90 lbs

GNB Industrial Power GSCR Series of industrial float chargers is designed to automatically control charging rates for a wide variety of battery types and to simultaneously provide full-rated output
for both continuous and intermittent dc loads.

The chargers are constant voltage devices with automatic current limiting. Voltage regulation and current limiting are controlled by solid-state integrated circuitry to assure maximum performance in minimum space.

The GSCR Series is ideally suited to utility, communications and other stationary charger applications.

Component Selection
• Electronic and electrical components are substantially derated to assure long life and reliability. Typical MTBF is100,000 hours minimum. Components are selected or designed to provide a system life expectancy in excess of 30 years.

Modular Construction
• Control circuits, alarm circuits and electrical sub-assemblies are printed circuit board wired or modularized with plug and socket connections for easy serviceability.

Standard Sub-assemblies
• Control modules and many electrical sub-assemblies are standardized across the entire range of charger sizes. This minimizes spare parts inventory and simplifies maintenance.

• Front panels are recessed to prevent accidental damage to meters and controls. Standard cabinets are NEMA-1 enclosures of heavy-gauge phosphatized steel with an attractive, long-lasting acrylic enamel finish.

Easy Troubleshooting
• A complete service manual, color-coded wiring, test-point identification and circuit-symbol labeling of internal components make troubleshooting easy.

Ease of Adjustment
• Tap adjustments are not required. Output float voltage, equalize voltage, current limit and alarm levels are potentiometer adjustable.

Ease of Access
• Internal components and connections are easily accessible and/or removable through a hinged front door that opens approximately 180 degrees for easy serviceability.

Ease of Installation
• Cabinets are floor, wall or rack mountable and equipped with knockouts for cable or conduit entrance. Input, output and remote alarm connections are wired to easily accessible, internal terminal blocks.


AC Input
• Standard transformers are available with taps for nominal voltages as listed below.

Single-Phase Voltages:
• 120/220 – 240V 47 – 63Hz
• 480V 57 – 63Hz
• 120/208 – 240V 47 – 63Hz(optional)

Three-Phase Voltages:
• 208 – 240V 57 – 63Hz
• 380 – 416V 47 – 63Hz

GSCR-130-T-025 130V, 25A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-130-T-050 130V, 50A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-130-T-075 130V, 75A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-130-T-100 130V, 100A, 3 Ph.

GSCR-260-T-016 260V, 16A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-025 260V, 25A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-035 260V, 35A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-050 260V, 50A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-075 260V, 75A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-100 260V, 100A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-150 260V, 150A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-200 260V, 200A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-300 260V, 300A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-400 260V, 400A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-500 260V, 500A, 3 Ph.
GSCR-260-T-600 260V, 600A, 3 Ph.

130V, 12A, 1 Ph.
130V, 25A, 1 Ph
130V, 50A, 1 Ph

260V, 6A, 1 Ph.
260V, 16A, 1 Ph
260V, 25A, 1 Ph.

Place an “F” after the part number when ordering a charger with filtering.
Place an “FE” after the part number when ordering a charger with
a battery eliminator. The filtering is included.
† GSCR chargers have 30 mV Filtering with 4X battery connected.



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