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AT30 Series Float Battery Chargers 48
Cat. No. GNB-AT30-48
Weight 80 lbs

A combination of advanced technology microprocessor control and performance engineered modular construction make AT30 Series battery chargers easy to set up, easy to operate, and easy to maintain...

Power Generation
Microwave Relay Sites
Emergency DC Power
DC Operated Breakers
Alarm Systems
Uninterruptible Power Systems
DC Control Systems
Signal Systems

Modular Construction
Rectifier, microprocessor control, input/output, power transformer, filter and alarm assemblies are all modular and easily replaceable.

Thirty-Year Life
All AT30 chargers are engineered for greater than 30-year life with a MTBF of 100,000 hours.

Trouble Diagnosis:
Less Than 60 Minutes
Trouble Diagnosis and Repair in an MTTR of less than 60 minutes.
All service can be performed from front of opened unit without disturbing chassis or installed conduit.

Flexible Installation
All AT30 chargers can be floor mounted.
AT30 chargers in Style-5018 enclosure can be wall or rack mounted.

AT30 Series Float Battery Chargers Specifications GB4161 (formerly Section 84.40)

Part Number Description
AT30-048-050 48 Volt, 50 Amps
AT30-048-075 48 Volt, 75 Amps
AT30-048-100 48 Volt, 100 Amps
AT30-048-125 48 Volt, 125 Amps
AT30-048-150 48 Volt, 150 Amps
AT30-048-200 48 Volt, 200 Amps
AT30-048-250 48 Volt, 250 Amps
AT30-048-300 48 Volt, 300 Amps
AT30-048-400 48 Volt, 400 Amps
AT30-048-500 48 Volt, 500 Amps
AT30-048-600 48 Volt, 600 Amps
AT30-048-800 48 Volt, 800 Amps
AT30-048-1000 48 Volt, 1000 Amps



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