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Coleman®-Mach® RV Exclusive DirectFlow Louver Systems
Cat. No. LH-CMRV-
Weight 8 lbs

Available in both OEM and Aftermarket Versions for Coleman®-Mach® RV Air Conditioners.

Exclusive DirectFlow Louver System provides cool air where you need it for personalized comfort in any RV!

  • OPEN the specially designed louvers to channel cool air straight down into the cabin.
  • CLOSE the louvers to divert cool air through your existing duct system.
  • Exclusive EZReach Filter System provides quick access to the washable air filter. Simply loosen the fastener and swing out the grille to remove the filter.
  • Installation is fast and easy with detailed, illustrated instructions.
  • Slender profile provides plenty of overhead clearance.
Choose the Chillgrille. that's right for your RV!

Model 7330-6331 is designed for use with 7000 Series, 6727 Series and 6799 Series Coleman®-Mach® air conditioners with lateral duct systems where there is no electric heater present in the return air plenum.

Model 8330-6331 is designed for use with all 8000 Series Coleman®-Mach® air conditioners with lateral duct and straight-through duct systems. Model 8330-6331 is completely compatible with electric return air plenum heaters.

To determine which model Chillgrille™ you need, simply remove the existing plastic ceiling return air grille inside your RV.

  • If the metal ceiling assembly frame looks like Picture A and the electrical connection wire box is mounted on the frame as shown, purchase Model 7330-6331.

  • If the metal ceiling assembly frame matches Picture B or Picture C, purchase Model 8330-6331.

NOTE: If your ceiling assembly frame matches Photo A and the electrical wire box is not mounted on the frame, you have a duct system that is not compatible with the Chillgrille™.

Caution: Do not install Model 7330-6331 in vehicles where an auxiliary heat strip is used.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C


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