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Coleman®-Mach® Polar Mach™ RV Heat Pump
Cat. No. LH-CMPM
Weight 90 lbs

America's newest quality high-performance low-profile heat pump

With the Coleman®-Mach® Polar Mach™ RV Heat Pump, you get a high-performance air conditioner and an economical, electric source of heat in one sleek package.

When it cools, the Polar Series offers the best cooling capacity versus power consumption we have ever supplied to the recreation vehicle industry, according to environmental chamber testing. Heat transfer to the vehicle exterior has been dramatically accelerated by our new vertically mounted motor and 17" oversized fan blade, while optional 100% condensate water removal allows consumers to avoid vehicle discoloration problems.

When a chill is in the air, a special reversing valve enables the cooling system to convert to a heating system. In fact, with the Polar Mach™ RV heat pump, you can put twice as much heat into your RV as compared to a conventional heat element-only system.


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