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SunWize Power Ready 24 volt Systems
Cat. No. SWI-PR-24V
Weight 50 lbs

SunWize® Power Ready Express Systems

 SunWize PRE Systems are complete off-grid solar battery kits that contain everything you need to run a stand-alone DC load using solar energy. Similar to our Power Ready line of fully-assembled systems, but in a kit package, the PRE line of kits contain all pre-inventoried items, allowing us to quickly fulfill orders. Power Ready Express kits feature a pre-wired and fully pre-assembled control panel, requiring only simple array and battery connection terminations during installation.

SunWize PRE systems come in a variety of configurations, including managed off-the-shelf configurations, off-the-shelf configurations with simple equipment changes, or completely custom PRE systems.  Speak to your sales executive to learn more about how SunWize can service your businesses power needs!

PRE System Kits include:

  • NEMA 3R white powder coated outdoor rated enclosures
  • UL & C1D2 solar modules available
  • NEC compliant pre-wired control panels
  • Sized to IEEE 1562 specifications
  • Completely pre-assembled control panel with DIN rail & pre-drilled aluminum backplate
  • All breakers & terminal blocks pre-wired for array, battery, and loads
  • All PRE systems use Morningstar Charge Controllers
  • Current compensated Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Overload, short-circuit, high voltage, reverse polarity, lightning surge protection
  • Variety of mounting solutions rated for up to 110MPH Exposure C, per ASCE 7-05
  • Can Ship Systems Day of Order. Save time & money by purchasing the system as a kit!

Siz and weight
270321 PRE-20-24-20-CPAA-101 20W ARRAY / 24V / 20 AMP-HR 17?H x 16?W x 9?D 12lbs
270322 PRE-30-24-36-CPAA-101 30W ARRAY / 24V / 36 AMP-HR17?H x 16?W x 9?D 12lbs
270323 PRE-45-24-36-CPAA-101 45W ARRAY / 24V / 36 AMP-HR 17H x 16 W x 9D 12lbs
270324 PRE-85-24-70-FPWA-101 85W ARRAY / 24V / 70 AMP-HR 21H x 16 W x 14.4D 30lbs
270325 PRE-130-24-108-FPWA-101 130W ARRAY / 24V / 108 AMP-HR 21H x 16 W x 14.4D 30lbs
270326 PRE-160-24-108-FPWA-101 160W ARRAY / 24V / 108 AMP-HR 21H x 16 W x 14.4D 30lbs
270329 PRE-220-24-216-FPWA-101 220W ARRAY / 24V / 216 AMP-HR 32H x 16W x 14D 40lbs
270332 PRE-1LFM-24-216-FPWA-101 310W+ ARRAY / 24V / 216 AMP-HR 32H x 16W x 14D 40lbs
270346 PRE-2LFM-24-530-TPWA-101 620W+ ARRAY / 24V / 530 AMP-HR 21H x 48W x 24D 75lbs
270338 PRE-760-24-630-TTWA-101 760W ARRAY / 24V / 630 AMP-HR 21H x 48W x 48D 150lbs
270339 PRE-3LFM-24-630-TTWA-101 930W+ ARRAY / 24V / 630 AMP-HR 21H x 48W x 48D 150lbs
270340 PRE-3LFM-24-795-TTWA-101 930W+ ARRAY / 24V / 795 AMP-HR 21H x 48W x 48D 150lbs
270341 PRE-4LFM-24-1060-TTWA-101 1240W+ ARRAY / 24V / 1060 AH 21H x 48W x 48D 150lbs



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