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Mastervolt 6 volt - AGM 6/340
Cat. No. MV-61003400
Weight 108 lbs

In AGM batteries, the electrolyte (mixture of water and sulphuric acid) is largely absorbed in glass fibre. This type of battery is entirely maintenance-free and there is no gas formation with normal use. Not requiring any ventilation, these batteries can be installed anywhere.
Their construction gives a very fast discharge at very high currents so AGM batteries are ideal for systems that require high currents (for instance when starting an engine). The battery poles can be unscrewed and this type of battery can be combined with every standard battery terminal.

  • Ideal solution for cyclic applications such as electric propulsion, wheelchairs, golf carts, etc.
  • Easy configuration of 12/24/48 V battery terminals, with high capacity.
  • Double pole for easy installation.
  • No gas formation with normal use.
  • Two-year warranty


  General specifications  
  Max. charge current

86 A

  Footprint dimensions (excl. terminals/grip handles, lxwxh

11,61 x 7,09 x 13,66 inches

  Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles), lxwxh

11,61 x 7,09 x 14,41 inches


107,81 pounds

  Capacity (C20)

340 Ah

  Capacity (C10)

314 Ah

  Capacity (C5)

295 Ah

  Technical specifications  
  Nominal voltage

6 V

  Temperature range (ambient temp.)

68 to 131 °F

  Temperature range (storage/non operating)

-13 to 185 °F

  Self discharge (at 20 ºC/68 ºF)

<3% / month

  Terminal type

A-type + M10 stud

  Max. installation angle


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