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Cat. No. 87530
Weight 15 lbs

The Eco-1800S is a Plug and Play Solar Generator designed for ease of use.  Plug and Play means you take the product out of the box, set-up the solar panel, connect the solar panel to the base unit with the 50 ft cord provided and the solar generator is ready to operate.   The base unit includes a  12V, 60Ah SLA Battery pack (three 12V 20Ah SLA in parallel), an 1800 watt inverter and a charge controller so the consumer does not have to know how the individual components work together or spend time hooking up a complicated system.  The product can be charged via AC or solar so ideally top charge the batteries after taking them out of the box so when you need back-up power the ECO-1800S is ready.

The product is ideal for emergency back-up power, camping, tailgaiting, or anywhere you may need a remote power source.

Product Spec :

  • Solar Panel:  90 Watts (two 45 Watts in parallel)
  • High Efficiency Monocrystalline
  • Solar panel on wheels
  • Solar panels folds in half and the base becomes a handle for easier transporting
  • Collapsible solar panel makes storing easier (takes up less room)

Base Unit Includes:

12V, 60Ah SLA Batteries

1800 Watt Inverter

Charge Controller 

How long will it last?  Depends on what they are plugging into the unit.

Time to charge via solar if discharged 

Warranty 1 year for the base, 5 years for the panels.


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