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Soft Start
Cat. No. 091-27
Weight 2 lbs

Soft Start
Lamp Sequencer

• Automatically sequences lights on and off
• Eliminates power surges and sags in electrical system
• Controls lamp relays
• Easy installation

The “Soft Start” is a precision, solid-state controller, which sequentially switches “ON” seven loads at l/2 second intervals. Individual switches (user provided), can select a combination of outputs. These switches may be used to turn the outputs “ON” or “OFF” at any time. Using a “Master Control” switch starts the sequential switching when it is turned “ON”. Similarly turning the “Master Control” switch “OFF” sequentially de-energizes the loads at l/2 second intervals. A plug-in connector simplifies installation.

Sequential switching of lamp loads is particularly important for vehicles with many lights. A Master switch that simultaneously controls a large number of lights can cause voltage dip and overshoot which may damage sensitive electronic equipment. The LOAD MANAGER assures loads are applied and removed gradually, thus smoothing voltage variation and preventing damage to sensitive loads.

Part Number Description Dimensions Wgt.
091-27 Soft Start 1.5” 3.5” 4.25” 2

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