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Load Manager Mark II
Cat. No. 091-60A
Weight 1 lbs

Load Manager Mark II  Lamp Sequencer, Load Shedding

• Automatically sequences lights on and off
• Automatically sheds loads to prevent system overload
• Eliminates power surges and sags in electrical system
• Contains 8 load relays, 30A load per relay
• Remote manual Override
• Load shed priority programmable
• Easy installation

The “LOAD MANAGER MARK II” is a precision solid-state controller, which sequentially switches 8 self-contained relays at 1/2 second intervals. Individual switches (user provided), can select the combination of outputs. These switches may be used to turn the outputs “ON” or “OFF” at any time. The “Master Control” switch starts the sequential switching when it is turned “ON”. Similarly turning the “Master Control” switch “OFF” sequentially de-energizes the loads at 1/2 second intervals.

In addition the “LOAD MANAGER MARK II” monitors the vehicle’s battery voltage. When electrical loads exceed the alternator output, this causes the voltage to drop. This is sensed and outputs are individually de-energized. Up to 5 outputs are controlled. Only as many are shut down as are required to maintain the system voltage. The shut down sequence may be altered by programming switches internal to the “LOAD MANAGER MARK II” and accessible through a removable cap.

An LED indicator signals when the “LOAD MANAGER MARK II” is active and when in the “LOAD REDUCE” mode.

The provided output relays have both normally open and normally closed contacts. This provides a variety of options for the installer.


Dimensions Wgt.
091-60A Load Manager Mark II 1.63” 5.46” 6.5” 2

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