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Phocos CIS-LED Industrial Charge Controller + LED Driver
Cat. No. P-CIS-N-LED
Weight 2 lbs

CIS-LED series:

The Phocos CIS series has now has new members. Specifically developed for rough environments and especially for the requirements of users of solar LED lamps and solar LED street lights: the CIS-LED series. The highlight of this series is that it combines three functions in one fully protected case: charge controller + flexible timer + LED drivers. The energy required to power LEDs is directly delivered by the charge controller. No other power source is required. Customers get three solutions included in one single product, with many advantages:

The built-in LED drivers (for up to three LED strings), timer and charge controller are harmonically combined and protected in one fully encapsulated housing (IP68), increasing system reliability, lifetime and lowering investment costs.

An on/off timer combined with an adjustable dimming function renders flexibility extending operation time and futuremore, saves energy.

CIS-LED series also offers an auto-protect function: by means of its two low voltage disconnect levels, the LEDs light will automatically be dimmed when the charge of the battery is getting low. The levels can be programmed by means of remote control CIS-CU.

  • Combines three functions in one: charge controller +flexible timer + LED drivers
  • Developed especially for rough environments, solar LED lamps, and solar LED street lights
  • Fully protected by the encapsulated case (protection class IP68): increased lifetime and reliability, reduced costs
  • Flexible dimming functions: renders ambient, pleasant light and extends operation time
  • Auto-protect function: two voltage disconnects extends system operation time and reliability
  • Small size fits everywhere


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