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Auto Pump 12 Volt AD
Cat. No. 091-9-12V-AD
Weight 7 lbs

Auto Pump 12 Volt AD, Model #: 091-9-AD

The Auto Pump 12 Volt AD is an 091-9 Auto Pump with an Automatic Drain installed.  A normally open solenoid valve drains the moisture from the trap each time the compressor shuts down. The Auto Drain assures that the filter bowl is always drained and does this without intervention by maintenance personnel.
The 091-9-AD is a small air compressor designed to mount on vehicles with air brakes to maintain the air pressure in the air brake system while the vehicle is not in use. A pressure switch senses when the system pressure drops and starts the compressor which then runs until pressure is restored. All ball bearing construction, lubricated for life, assures reliable operation and requires no servicing

Blue Bullet 100 PSI Max
Blue Bullet Automatically drains moisture every time pump runs
Blue Bullet Eliminates all routine maintenance associated with moisture trap
Blue Bullet Maintains air pressure in the vehicle brake system
Blue Bullet Completely automatic operation controlled by integral pressure switch
Blue Bullet No interference with operation of the engine mounted air compressor
Blue Bullet Small size, mounts in any dry location
Blue Bullet 1 year warranty

Input: 12 Vdc @ 12 Amps Max
Output: .30 SCFM @ 80 PSI
               .35 SCFM @ 60 PSI
Motor Type: Perm. Magnet .10 HP
Pressure Switch: Adjustable Set-Point
                                 Factory set to 75 PSI Cut-In, 95 PSI Cut-Out
Weight: 7 lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

Auto Pump 12 Volt AD - 091-9-AD.pdf (149 Kb)


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