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Solar Power Charging System 12 Volt
Cat. No. 092-01-SOL
Weight 15 lbs

Solar Power Charging System

Complete Heavy Duty Kits Designed for Emergency Vehicle Installation.

- Keep up with vehicle loads without running engine or plugging in
- Helps comply with anti idle laws
- Saves fuel cost and engine maintenance
- Eliminate the need to jump start reserve vehicles
- Ideal for vehicles with mobile computers and radio's

Kit Includes:
- Complete instructions and parts provided, assures proper installation, eliminates installer guess work and parts sourcing

- Industrial grade solar panel with 10 year warranty
- Charge controller with temperature compensated, three step output and battery type selection (Flooded/AGM)
- Heavy duty vibration dampened mounting system
- 20 foot duplex wire, terminals and cable ties
- Waterproof wire feed-through fitting included
- All mounting hardware included for various truck installations

Industrial grade panel, components, and heavy duty vibration mounts designed for emergency Vehicle use Kit

Different size panels to match available roof space

1.2 to 7+ amps available, panels can be wired for higher output

Voltage controller adapts to properly charge Different battery types

kit contains all parts needed for various types of vehicle installations

10 year warranty on solar panel

1.1 Amp Panel
2.7 Amp Panel
5.3 Amp Panel
Volts: 12 Vdc
Amps: 1.1 Amps Max
Watts:: 20 Watts
Weight: 4.8 lbs
Panel Warranty: 10 Years
Panel Size: 13.5" x 18.5" x 1.0"

Volts: 12 Vdc
Amps: 2.7 Amps Max
Watts:: 50 Watts
Weight: 9.9 lbs
Panel Warranty: 10 Years
Panel Size: 21.3" x 24.8" x 1.2"

Volts: 12 Vdc
Amps: 5.3 Amps Max
Watts:: 100 Watts
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Panel Warranty: 10 Years
Panel Size: 21.3" x 47.0" x 1.4"

Panel Warranty
: 10 Years
Printable Datasheet.pdf (1.74 Mb) 
Instruction Manual.pdf (1.24 Mb)


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