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Digital Antenna White
Cat. No. 57-OA8200
Weight 3 lbs

Dimensions: 11.25"H x 16"W x 12.5"L

2.3 lbs.

Frequency Bands:
VHF (47-230Mhz) 20 dB gain
                               UHF (470-860 Mhz) 25 dB gain
Powered Amplifier:
+12 volt / 100 mA working
Power supplied via wall mount power switch Mfr. #21015 White with inputs for Antenna and Cable and 2 TV outputs.
Signal Meter
Frequency Response:
40-862 Mhz (Ch 2-69)

ASA Automotive grade

Wider reception range
Less directional than traditional RV antennas to
provide broader reception coverage.

Greatly improved UHF reception
Superior reception of UHF signals where over 80% of new DTV channels are broadcast, also
offers great reception of remaining VHF channels.

Built-in Amplifier
Enhance weak signals in fringe areas for improved reception. Flush wall mount power
switch with cable/antenna inputs and 2 TV outputs available in white or black.

Compact, aerodynamic design
Aerodynamic mount offers superior wind resistance, is 70% smaller and requires less roof space than traditional RV antennas.

Built-in Digital TV Signal Meter
Point the antenna for maximum reception before scanning for channels to simplify set-up and eliminate frustration.

No crank handle
Fixed height requires no cranking up or down. No need to remember to stow antenna before driving away.

Effortless antenna rotation
Easily rotate antenna with two fingers.

Easy to install
Works with varying roof thickness and
easily replaces existing antenna.

Full 360°Rotation
No reception dead-spot due to rotational limit commonly found with other antennas.

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