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Carry Out Portable/Remote Satellite Dish
Cat. No. 90-PM2000
Weight 11 lbs

The affordable portable ó Winegardís latest portable antenna weighs only 11 pounds; one-time assembly is easy. When in carry position, the feed arm detaches and stores on the back of the dish. When youíre at your location, find a level spot for your dish, connect the cable to your receiver, enter local zip code in the setup menu, set the elevation angle on the dish, and move the base to face the right direction. Thatís all!

Includes 20' of cable and if you use a signal meter (Winegardís SF-1000) for setup, a five foot section of cable is also included; ground anchors, 18" galvanized dish with seven step thermoset powder coat finish and galvanized steel E-coated mount.

Carry Position 8.25" x 14.5625"
Raised Position 29" max
Frequency 10.95 - 12.75 GHz

Warranty Terms: 90 Days

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