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Carryout portable Satellite Antenna
Cat. No. 90-GMMP1
Weight 13 lbs

Description:Carryout portable Satellite Antenna with 25' Coax Cable
Model #:MP-P1


  • Twist On/Off Cap provides easy way to fill top portion with water or sand for increased stability.
  • 25' Coax Cable allows optimal antenna placement and stores in base for easy stowing.
  • Bubble Level for easy set-up and leveling.
  • Elevation Markings & Knobs assist in elevating and locking antenna at exact angle.
  • Compass ensures correct southern setting.
  • Durable Case protects dish and functions as mount.
  • Azimuth Lock Knob to prevent left to right movement.
  • Supports 2 Receivers
  • Compatible with TR-1518 Tripod Mount

    Warranty Terms:2 Years Parts and 1 Year Labor

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