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Mastervolt Lithium Ion Ultimate 12/1200
Cat. No. MV-66011200
Weight 27.6 lbs

MLI-E 12/1200
The Mastervolt MLI-E Lithium Ion battery closes the gap between the very compact MLS battery and the successful high capacity MLI Ultra series. The MLI-E is ideal for applications where long lifespan, light weight, fast charging and compactness are key. Its practical form factor makes the MLI-E perfectly suitable for mobile applications.

Compact, maintenance free power, ideal for mobile applications
Lithium Ion has many advantages over lead-acid. The MLI-E saves up to 70 % in space and weight, recharges in less than an hour, and deep cycles 5.000 times easily, which is up to 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries. The MLI-E can replace a 180-200 Ah lead-acid battery. Also, for the MLI-E the extremely safe Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) chemistry is used.

No external safety relay is needed. The MLI-E is protected against overcharging, deep discharging and overheating and comes with an integrated electronic safety switch. With its waterproof plastic case, the MLI-E is a straight-forward replacement for most lead-acid batteries.

LED indicators inform you about the actual status of your battery. Of course, the MLI-E is provided with integrated battery monitoring, including information about state of charge and time remaining. For optimal integration in both mobile and maritime power systems, both NMEA2000 / CZone and CANopen protocols are supported. Needless to say, the MLI-E fits perfectly into a MasterBus system, when combined with our system monitor EasyView 5*. And last but not least: hands-on monitoring is available, using Bluetooth and a mobile app.

  • Very long lifespan, maintenance free.
  • Fast charging and discharging, fully charged within an hour.
  • Straight-forward replacement for most existing lead-acid batteries.
  • Compact, practical size.
  • Extremely safe Lithium Ion chemistry (LiFePO4).Integrated safety switch for quick and easy installation.
  • High performance even under harsh conditions.
  • High efficiency and low self-discharge.
  • Integrated battery monitoring for reliable battery status information.
  • System integration via NMEA2000 / CZone, CANopen or MasterBus (via EasyView 5*).
  • Monitoring via Bluetooth app possible.
Its size, weight, tough waterproof case and resistance to shocks makes the MLI-E ideal for mobile applications. Other applications range from marine, infrastructure, off-grid to industrial applications.

* Max. two MLI-E per EasyView 5. Refer to manual for details.

Communication & monitoring
CommunicationLED indicators, CANopen, CZone/NMEA2000 (through drop cable CZone/MB, product code 77046000), MasterBus (through EasyView 5*, product code 77010310), Bluetooth (via mobile app)
General specifications
Nominal battery voltage13.2 V
Nominal battery capacity90 Ah
Nominal battery energy capacity1200 Wh
Cycle life3500 cycles at 80 % DOD at 25 ^(0)C, max. C3 charge and C2 discharge
Max. charge current90 A (1 C)
Continuous discharge current200 A (2.2 C)
Peak discharge current350 A (3,8 C) for 30s
Battery monitoringintegrated
Battery terminalsautomotive or M8 hexagon
Mounting positionmountable in multiple orientations, suitable for LN5 fastening brackets
Battery standardLN5 Group 49, H8
Battery designationIEC 62620: IFpR19/67[60p4s]M/-10+60/90 IEC 61960: 4IFpR19/67-60
Max. outer dimensions (incl. terminals/grip handles), lxwxh353 x 175 x 190 mm
13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inch
Weight12.5 kg
27.6 lb
Delivered with2x automotive battery pole, 2x M8 bolt, hexagon tool, USB stick (with manual)
Technical specifications
Battery chemistryLithium Iron Phosphate
Protection degreeIP62
Parallel connectionyes, unlimited
Series connectionno
Protectionsover voltage, under voltage, over-temperature
Safety disconnectautomatic, integrated

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