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Surge Guard 50 Amp Portable
Cat. No. NTP-71-8582
Weight 6 lbs

50 Amp Portable Surge Guard

 Surge Protector; Surge Guard (R); Provides Protection From Power Issues At The Pedestal And Inside Of The RV; 50 Amp; 120 Volt; 4200 Joules Portable Surge Guard

Voltage Regulation: 120 Volt
Ampere Rating: 50 Amp
Used To: Protection From Power Issues At The Pedestal And Inside Of The RV

  • Continuously Monitors And Displays: Voltage And Amp draw (RMS)
  • Multi-Mode Surge Suppression
  • Automatic Reset On Power Restoration
  • 128 Second Reset Delay Protects A/C Compressor
  • LCD Display (English)
  • Convenient Easy-T-Pull™ plug handles
  • Surge Protection Status LED Indicator
  • Protects Against: Power Surges, Open Ground, Open Neutral, Low (<102 Volt) And High (> 132 Volt) Voltage, Overheating Plug Or Receptacle, Reverse Polarity, Miswired Pedestal And High Neutral Current
  • Weather Resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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