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Surge Guard 50 AMP Hardwire
Cat. No. NTP-18-7670
Weight 3 lbs

Complete electrical protection for your RV. Automatically shuts off the power when any of the conditions below are present. Automatic reset on power restoration. Caution indicator light to indicate cause of power stoppage. 2 minute, 16 second reset delay protects AC compressor.
  • Protects RV Bumper to Bumper from Faulty Park Power
  • Easy Installation
  • 30A - 1050 joules 50A - 1750 joules
  • Multi-Mode Surge Suppression % Caution Indicator Light for: a Reverse Polarity a Dangerous Current on Ground Wire a Pedestal Mis-Wire Condition
  • Low/High Voltage Protection % UL Listed Rated 120-240V/50A
34560 50 Amp Hardwire Surge Guard Protector

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