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MK Battery RV/Marine 8GU1H Gel (12v/31ah)
Cat. No. MK-8GU1HM
Weight 24 lbs

The Benefits of a MK AGM Battery
Sealed Absorbed Technology: Completely sealed; valve regulated battery with efficient recombination.
250 quality control checks through ISO 9001.
UL recognized components MH17218.
Rated non-spillable by ICAO/IATA/DOT.
Forged terminals and bushings assure no leakage.
Tank formation ensures voltage matching between cells

Nom Voltage(V) 12
Weight 24 (11kg)
Length (in) 7.75 (197mm)
Width (in) 5.13 (130mm)
Height (in) 7.25 (184 mm)
Milliohms Resistance 4.0
Operating Temp -76°F (-60°C) -140°F (60°C)
Float Charging Voltage 2.25 - 2.30VPC
Cycle Service Charging Voltage 2.30 - 2.35VPC
Capacity at C/100 36.1 Capacity at C/20 31.2
Terminal T874

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