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Portable Holding Tanks
Cat. No. 191-40505
Weight 20 lbs

This ingenious tank is in a class by itself. Completely self-contained so there are no required accessories to buy or parts to store. Each model has up to 20% more capacity than competitive models for fewer fill-ups - saving time and effort. Other features include:
  • PermaStore™
    • Self storing sewer hose stays connected at bottom of tank
    • Cradle pivots, hose extends for quick, clean hookup
    • Bayonet cap prevents spills; just pull out, connect to fill or empty
  • AutoStop™
    • Level Gauge/Valve stops flow when tank is full to prevent messy over-filling!
  • No heavy lifting - use the convenient, included tow handle (on LX models) to easily pull your SmartTote from RV to evacuation.
Choose from seven models:

Regular Models
SmartTote 12 - 12 gallons*
SmartTote 18 - 18 gallons
SmartTote 27 - 27 gallons
SmartTote 35 - 35 gallons
*PermaStore and AutoStop not included on SmartTote 12

LX Models
LX Models are the top of the line and include these super convenient features:
  • Four wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Tow Handle for easy towing (even hooks to ball hitch!)
    • Stows flat for storage
  • Rinse Hose, convenient and easy to store
SmartTote 18LX - 18 gallons
SmartTote 27LX - 27 gallons
SmartTote 35LX - 35 gallons


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