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Intellitec Isolater Relay 100 amp
Cat. No. 77-90006-xxx
Weight 2 lbs

Intellitec Isolater Relay 100 amp
Intellitec.s Isolator Relays are specifically designed to be used to isolate two battery systems. In this application, these relays are required to operate with almost no voltage across their contacts and carry currents ranging from milliamps to hundreds of amps. These relays have been designed and are built to
meet these demanding conditions. The 100 amp Isolator Relay is designed for most common gasoline engines, while the 200 amp Isolator Relay is designed for heavier duty applications.

Part Number 77-90000-100
Nominal Actuation Voltage 12 Volts
Actuation Current 0.9 Amps
Continuos Duty Yes
Minimum Actuation Voltage 9 Volts
Maximum Continuous Carry Current 100 Amps
Maximum Short Term Current (30 Sec) 500 Amps
Maximum Ambient Temperature
Minimum Ambient Temperature
Contact Life at Full Load


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