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Deluxe Auto Charge Status Center
Cat. No. 091-194X-IND-WT-XX
Weight 1 lbs

The Auto Charge Deluxe Watertight Status Center, is a remotely mounted, digital voltage and amperes display, a 5 segment bar graph display to indicate output current, and 4 LED's to show the condition of the batteries. The High and Low Battery Condition LED's blink to indicate that there may be a problem with the vehicles electrical system. This indicator is an option for the Auto Charge 1000, Pump Plus 1000, Auto Charge 1200, Auto Charge 1200 Remote, Pump Plus 1200, LPC 20, LPC 40 and LPC 80. Please specify which charger when ordering.

There is a 3 1/2 digit indicator that displays battery voltage with an accuracy of 30 millivolts, and a 3-digit indicator that displays charger current with an accuracy of 100 millivolts.

The indicator is water tight and rugged. The unit is designed to be mounted on the outside of a vehicle to readily indicate the battery condition. Bezel colors are available in Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Gray, and Black. Please specify color bezel when ordering.
The indicator comes with a 3 year warranty.

  • Optional remote indicator for: AC 1000 Series Chargers, AC 1200 Series Chargers and LPC Series Chargers
  • Rugged Water Tight Enclosure
  • LED's Indicate Status Of Battery Condition
  • Digital Display shows battery voltage and current from the charger
  • Water tight Deutsch connectors
  • LED Flashes when low or high voltage is detected
  • 3 year warranty
Input: 12 Vdc from Battery
LED Voltage Set Points: High Voltage - 14.82 Vdc and Above
                                      Fully Charged - 13.08 Vdc to 14.82 Vdc
                                      Charging - 12.30 Vdc to 13.08 Vdc
                                      Low Voltage - 12.30 Vdc and Below
Bezel Options: Available colors are Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Gray, and Black
Weight: .25 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

outline drawing auto charge deluxe watertight status center

Instruction Manual.pdf (19 Kb)
Product Specifications.doc (1.05 Mb)
3D Drawing - IGS File (1.8 Mb)

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