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J Hook HD Wiper Blade
Cat. No. 18-TV832
Weight 2 lbs

Improve your vision with TRU Vision’s® comprehensive line of quality windshield wiper solutions. TRU Vision® has a full range of aftermarket wiper blades for virtually all vehicles on the road, so you will always be sure to have the right windshield wiper blade available. All TRU Vision® windshield wiper blades feature a rugged metal construction and a “longer life” rubber wiping element for consistent, reliable performance. If you require a complete windshield wiper system, we have the experience that can provide the right windshield wiper solution that suits your needs.Based in Elkhart, Indiana, our team boasts quality products and services that are second to none.

Remember: More than 95% of all driving decisions are based on vision. For safety’s sake, insist on the best and that’s TRU Vision® windshield wiper solutions.

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