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Battery Cap - Econ-O-Flip
Cat. No. WM-2050-PH
Weight 0.5 lbs

It flips open .... Flips Closed and rotates

Enginnerd and Designed for Ease of Inspection, Servicing and Watring and Ecompasses Flip-Top Orientation Through 360 Degrees

An injection molded “flip-top” vent-cap addressing areas of safe and efficient maintenance during the routine servicing of industrial, semi-industrial, and golf cart batteries

When a battery is equipped with the economical and reliabLe “ECON-O-FLIP SPEED-VENT”

  • There is no need to remove vent-caps for inspection, servicing or watering
  • The handling of acid-ladened vent-caps is a thing of the past: just FLIP-OPEN. FLIP-SHUT — Less physical exposure to electrolyte [sulphuric acid]
  • Removed vent-caps are no longer misplaced due to dropping on the floor, rolling under truck or charging station equipment and/or lodging between battery and battery truck compartment
  • Transfer of electrolyte from removed vent-caps being placed on top of battery during servicing or watering is eliminated
  • The ELECTROLYTE RETURN PROBE encourages and directs any accumulation of electrolyte from the surface of the FLIP-TOP BAFFLE ASSEMBLY downward
  • Battery top layout and use of intércell connector and terminal shrouds will at times complicatethe positioning of flip-top vent-caps — ECON-O-FLIP?s “flip-top” orientation through 360o will compensate for this potential top assembly interferenceS

  • The “ECON-O-FLIP” can be RETRO-FITTED to any U.S. manufactured industrial battery and most semi-industrial and golf cart batteries
  • The availability of ADAPTERS will facilitate a proper fit for all imported batteries such as Cloride. Fulman, Varta. etc.
  • Where necessary. THICKER SEALING GASKETS are available for vent-cap installations relative to older batteries or distorted cell covers
  • Its design accommodates all single-cell fillers [watering wandsi having nozzle diameters of up to 3/4 inch
  • FLOW SYSTEMS makes available an injection-molded slip-on 7/8-to-5/8 inch NOZZLE REDUCTION ADAPTOR for any filler having the Large nozzle
  • FLIP-TOP labor savings. during servicing, versus the standard vent-cap, will more than compensate for the costs within the first 6 months
Part Number

  2050 Standard Height [?]

 2050C Medium Height

 2050EX Extra Height



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