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Aluminum Battery Boxe Taylor 200 Series
Cat. No. TAY-48200
Weight 8 lbs

Keep your battery safe and secure with one of these Taylor 200 Series aluminum battery boxes. They feature a 3-piece design that allows access without removing the battery from the box. Constructed of .040 in. aluminum, the battery boxes comply with NHRA rule 8:1 and fit most Odyssey PC1500 series, Optima RedTop and YellowTop, and most group 34/78 and 75/25 batteries. The Taylor 200 Series aluminum battery boxes feature the Taylor logo embossed on the lid and include chrome acorn nuts for attaching the lid. Heavy-duty, one-piece welded battery tray hold-downs and spacers are included to accommodate different width batteries.

Battery Box, Aluminum, Satin Finish, 11.313 in. Length, 9.563 in. Width, 8.875 in. Height

Battery Quantity One
Material Aluminum
Finish Satin
Battery Box External Length (in) 11.313 in.
Battery Box External Width (in) 9.563 in.
Battery Box External Height (in) 8.875 in.
Battery Box Internal Length (in) 11.000 in.
Battery Box Internal Width (in) 9.125 in.
Battery Box Internal Height (in) 8.750 in.
Sealed Yes
Cable Included No
Hold-Down Included Yes
Mounting Hardware Included No

Notes:Complies with NHRA rule 8:1

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