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Grande™ GM Series Solar Gable Fans
Cat. No. AB-GM
Weight 25 lbs

The Grande™ GM Model Solar Fans

The Grande™ GM model solar fans are ideal for virtually any roof type featuring gable-end architecture or retrofit applications. Offering easy installation behind or underneath any properly sized passive vent, The Grande™ GM model series is a great alternative for customers who want the benefits of solar powered ventilation without the need for making a roof penetration.

  • Corrosion resistant zincalume alloy construction with stainless steel brackets and hardware

  • High efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, available in 60 watt models (2050 CFM) or 40 watt array models (1800 CFM)

  • Natural zincalume mill finish

  • Offered standard with low-profile solar panel mounting brackets or available with optional universal mounting bracket system

  • Made in the USA

Product Features
  •   Remote mounted monocrystalline solar panel(s)
  •   Low profile solar panel mounting brackets
  •   UV/Weather resistant 15 foot power cable
  •   Retrofit style base or wall mount style with louvers
  •   Upgraded internal wiring for minimal voltage loss
  •   Corrosion resistant zincalume alloy fan housing
  •   Stainless steel brackets and hardware throughout
  •   Natural zincalume finish
  •   Whisper quiet 14" aluminum fan blade
  •   No plastic, all metal commercial grade construction
  •   Florida & Texas Windstorm Certified
  •   Wired ready for either manual or automatic fan control
  •   25 Year Commercial Warranty
  •   Manufactured in the USA

Solar Panel Mounting Options

The Grande™ GM models are available with the optional Attic Breeze Universal Bracket.  The adjustable Universal Bracket system allows for a full range of solar panel mounting direction and inclination.  The Universal Bracket may be mounted on a roof, fascia, eve, wall or may even be pole mounted, offering a high degree of installation flexibility for your remote solar panel.

Thermal Switch
Grande™ GM series solar powered ventilation fans offer thermal switch control available with all models.  The thermal switch is factory preset to operate within a nominal range of 75°F.  The thermal switch controls the operation of the fan to automatically shut down when temperatures fall below the preset range.  The Grande™ Thermal Switch comes standard with weatherproof quick-connect plugs for easy installation.

<>Power Cable
The Grande™ GM series solar gable fans come standard with a 15 foot power cable      (18 AWG) for remote mount solar panel installations.  For applications requiring a longer distance cable run, the 40 foot extended power cable (14 AWG) is an available option.     All Attic Breeze power cables feature exterior grade UV/weather resistant cable and weatherproof quick-connect plugs for easy installation.





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