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Grande™ SFD Series Solar Powered Ventilation Fans
Cat. No. AB-SFD
Weight 30 lbs

Designed for northern facing roofs or shaded roof areas where more sun exposure is needed, TheGrande™ SFD model solar powered ventilation fans feature remote solar panels with our standard 15 foot power cable and low profile panel mounting brackets.  The Grande™ SFD model fans offer a self-flashing base for easy installation on roofs with composite shingles, cedar shake, flat concrete tiles, or other low profile roofing materials.  Equipped with our proprietary monocrystalline solar panels and designed with UltraFlo-™ technology, The Grande™ series solar attic fans and commercial ventilation products offer both exceptional performance and long lasting durability.

  •   Upgraded internal wiring for minimal voltage loss
  •   No plastic, all metal commercial grade construction
  •   Florida & Texas Windstorm Certified
  •   25 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Solar Panel Mounting Options

    The Grande™ SFD models are available with the optional Attic Breeze Universal Bracket.  The adjustable Universal Bracket system allows for a full range of solar panel mounting direction and inclination.  The Universal Bracket may be mounted on a roof, fascia, eve, wall or may even be pole mounted, offering a high degree of installation flexibility for your remote solar panel.

    Thermal Switch
    The Grande™ SFD series solar powered ventilation fans offer thermal switch control available with all models.  The thermal switch is factory preset to operate within a nominal range of 75°F.  The thermal switch controls the operation of the fan to automatically shut down when temperatures fall below the preset range.  The Grande™ Thermal Switch comes standard with weatherproof quick-connect plugs for easy installationThe Breeze Mate™ solar ventilation control system includes our remote interface master controller, fan control unit, and unit compatible wiring harness in one complete package.

    • MC-10A Remote Interface Controller
    • FC-10A Fan Controller
    • Wiring Harness
    • Fan controller mounting screws
    • Batteries included
    • Designed to work with all Attic Breeze products
    Power Cable The Grande™ SFD series solar powered ventilation fans come standard with a 15 foot power cable (18 AWG) for remote mount solar panel installations.  For applications requiring a longer distance cable run, the 40 foot extended power cable (14 AWG) is an available option.  All Attic Breeze power cables feature exterior grade UV/weather resistant cable and weatherproof quick-connect plugs for easy installation.

    Painted Panel Remote mount solar panels come standard in a natural anodized aluminum finish for TheGrande™ SFD series solar powered ventilation fans.  As an available option with this model series, the remote mount solar panel frame may be painted in a matching finish with any of The Grande™ powder coated models.  Solar panel frames are painted with an industrial grade polyurethane finish with this option.






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